*REVIEW* TADO x MATHMOS - "Chuppi" the LED DIY FIG... funny how that worked out!

We revealed, and posted up HERE a great interview about "Chuppi", the new art toy that was created by with the folks over at TADO and MATHMOS... which by the way if you have not read yet, what are you waiting for... but I digress... more importantly why have you not picked up a Chuppi for yourself?!?!?! I know... it's so much to ask, for you to pick up an awesome DIY art toy that lights up, right??? Wrong!!!! These are so cool, and everyone should have one, and if I am not convincing enough... check out that LIVE video review above that I put together showcasing this figure!

I was totally stoked to have one of these sent out to me from MATHMOS... and the kicker, they sent out a beautiful customized Chuppi by TADO themselves... SWEET!!! This odd little figure comes packed with 100% cute... in only a way TADO could create, and the best part is you can get involved with this figure in a really cool DIY kinda way. One of the really cool things about the figure is the LED inside that actually holds a charge for hours on end... and the color changing is seamless! I would totally recommend snagging one of these up, and like mentioned before, watch that video above to see this product in action. So go now, head on over HERE and pick one up for yourself... and then thank me later :-)

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