Most Wanted: Behind The Hype, Take 2 with Igor Ventura, Pause & RunDMB!

When the "Most Wanted: Behind the Hype" group custom exhibition opened, the response was fantastic… So the Most Wanted crew have put together a Take 2 for you. Okay, so this is actually a collection of the very few remaining pieces from the original show… but, with no gallery in the equation any more, the prices have dropped by as much as 50%. And yes, a lot of these were VERY expensive at the exhibit, so you might've lusted for them but not been able to pay the amount being asked.

Take 2 will begin Friday, July 20th at 12 Noon PST and will end, without warning, at any given moment. The pieces will all be in the Most Wanted online shop and will include works by: Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Ian Ziobrowski, Lickyourelbow, Igor Ventura, RunDMB, Pause, Tim Munz & Luihz Unreal.

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