Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal & Sergio Mancini's Most Wanted Series 3 APs!

This past weekend saw the main release of the Most Wanted Series 3, the blind boxed series of custom 3" Dunnys that sold out in less than a minute… Did you miss out? Not confident you'll get one of the designs you've been lusting after? Well, fear not, as Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal and Sergio Mancini have announced Artist Proof (AP) copies of their pieces from the collection. Priced at only $50 above the asking price of a blind boxed piece, these are a steal for the rabid collector. As an added bonus, Ventura's "Pyromaniac Puppet" AP (pictured above) even comes with an additional gas tank accessory not included with the blind boxed version.
Each of these APs comes in a signed box with the artist card and will be released through the Red Mutuca online shop with a price of $150 each. Both the Ventura and Unreal APs are limited to only one copy, while there be five of Mancini's design (above right) up for grabs!

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