Brutherford's Tamara Petrosino's custom Trikky Munny for Jinxed group show!

Entitled "Cataver," this custom Trikky is for the Jinxed's Munnyworld show happening next month. Crafted by Tamara Petrosino, who does the graphic design work for Brutherford Industries, I love the simple yet brilliantly funny take she has on the platform. And the best part, obviously, is the brain topped ice cream cone…

"A Munny World Custom Toy Show" opens August 4th with a reception from 6-10PM at Jinxed, 1050 North Hancock St., Philadelphia, PA 19123. Participating Artists Include: 64 Colors, Rsin, Ryan Rutherford, Tamara Petrosino, Valerie Gudell, Erica Hesse, Ed Vazquez, Kyle Collins, Pocket Wookie, Allison Harvard, Matt Anderson, Mike Ski, Dave Weeks (The Airrat), Ronnie Bullets, Jason Goldberg, Rob Kraiza, Matt Siren, Yis Goodwin (Nosego), Delirious, Chris Holt (The Toy Viking), Mike Die, Heather Gargon, and Brian Hoffecker.

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