REVEAL: Brutherford's Bite Size Ice Scream Men Golden Ticket by Kevin Herdeman!

When we announced the Bite Size Ice Scream Men blind boxed series and provided you a ratio guide, we noted that there would be a "super-rare-mega-awesome, never before seen golden ticket chase" in the series of 2.5" to 3" tall Brutherford made beauties… And there it is, a wonderful Kevin "HonkeyLips" Herdeman kaiju-fied Ice Scream Man Mini (much like the one we talked about HERE). But now I'm confused, as the 1-in-100 Golden Ticket Chase figure is an inside the box prize and yet there it is with a physical Golden Ticket?!? Hmm, it seems Brutherford has cooked up something amazing for us! The Bite Size Ice Scream Men series is released today (June 29th, 2012) at 3PM EST in Brutherford's online shop for $15 each.

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