Tokidoki announces their brand new 'Punkstar' collection of vinyl & plush toys!

Fans of Simone Legno's ever-popular tokidoki brand should prepare themselves, for the punks are coming into town! That's right, tokidoki have announced a brand new collection: the Punkstars!
Meet Punkstar, a band of neighborhood kids who got together to restore an abandoned karaoke machine factory into the ULTIMATE hangout. At the Punkstar den, there are four gigantic floors and tons of space to practice everyone’s passions - from music, to art, to skating!
But let's meet the actual figures, set to start dropping in July 2012: on the far left above is the 3" tall Rudy the punk dog vinyl figure which will cost $9.95 each and next to him is the fantastically 9-inch-tall Maxx plush, scheduled to only set you back a mere $19.95 in the stores. And soon after the others release, as seen on the far right above, we have a brand new blind boxed series, the inaugural Punkstar Frenzies! With 20 of the wee 1.5" figures to collect, it shouldn't be too tough given the $5.95 price tag per blind box! C'mon, you know you want to invite these punks over to party with!

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