Links to The Beast Brothers x Huck Gee's "Lord Magma" Giveaways!

You might've noticed that just about every Designer Toy blog on the internet is buzzing about this massive giveaway from The Beast Brothers & Huck Gee, which allows a single person to win a copy of the third and final version of the 8" Skullendario Azteca custom Dunny: Lord Magma. Not only is it an amazing looking piece by top names in the industry, but when they put the figures up for sale — on June 22nd at 1PM EST until June 23rd at 1PM EST — the pieces will cost $475 each… and who doesn't want to win an amazing piece worth almost $500 dollars?
You can enter the contest at six different blogs, so that's a total of six entries you can make. But how do you make them? No one's made a handy dandy "Here are all the links to those entry rules" post. So we decided to do it for you, allowing you to just click below, open six tabs in your browser, and enter lickity split.
Best of luck to all of you that enter (which should be all of you, honestly).

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