Hoakser's custom vandalized vinyl Trikky Munny "Eyesore!"

When reviewing a custom it can become tricky, in that this is a person's piece of artwork that they've spent time and creative energy working on… but you still have to review it accurately, pointing out not only the beautifully executed elements but also the warts. I recently review Hoakser's "Gammy" custom (which you can read HERE) and instead of being outraged that it wasn't a glowing review, Hoakser tried to learn from my comments. So, first off, kudos to him for that… you'd be surprised how rare it is. And the result was him experimenting with melding the sculpted elements more into the vinyl, a result that is already: "Eyesore."

And the result is definitely in the right direction, in my mind. Those narrow slit eyes and wide open mouth seem more part of the platform rather than sculpted on top of it, which is exactly what I was expecting from Hoakser… Per usual for him, all the tagging and paint is done well, making an abandoned and vandalized looking form out of the simply vinyl; and the washes of rust that stream down him look fantastic. You can go forth and grab "Eyesore" with his original painting canvas from Hoakser's online shop for £48 (approx. $75) HERE.

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