Brandt Peters x Ferg's TroubleBoys No.7 [Drifter] Releases Today!

The previously announced "TroubleBoys No.7 [Drifter]" figure by Brandt Peters & Ferg is set to release today. Produced by Playge, this piece will be limited to 150 copies and is exclusive to the Japanese retailer Tomenosuke. Standing 6-inches tall of ABS plastic, you can see this TroubleBoy with his various accessories — real cloth suit, tie, eye patch, sMAC 10 x 2, Katana, eye-lens assortment, 2.0 and classic arms and a removable helmet — as well as the tattoo that covers his body. This piece goes on sale at 12 Midnight Japan time, which is 8AM on the West Coast or 11AM on the East Coast. You can buy this piece exclusively HERE for $150.

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