Bigfoot One's self-released "The Forest Warlord" vinyl figures!

Do you remember the idyllic year of 2003 to 2004, when sightings of the StrangeCo produced Bigfoot figure were frequent? Don't you wish we could go back to that time? Well, we kinda can… Bigfoot One, with the help of Kuso Vinyl, has self-released the newest incarnation of the figure: The Forest Warlord!

Produced in four colorways, which all were released simultaneously and come signed, The Forest Warlord is sure to win the heart's of woodland lovers everywhere. These 11-inch-tall vinyl giants are available in a limited edition of 450 figures for the traditional Brown while all remaining colors are limited to only 100 pieces: natural Green, psychedelic Purple, and Detroit Rock City superstars KISS inspired Black. Now, if you'll note, the left hand of each figure looks like it has been cast to hold something and…

Wowzer! Do all these bad boys come with a lightning bolt accessory or is that just something Bigfoot One put there for fun during the photoshoot? Alas, no official word, but you can snag one of these "Forest Warlord" figures for only $95 from Bigfoot One's online shop and find out for yourself…

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