Round 5 x Jeremy “MAD” Madl release poster art for upcoming Bruce Lee mini-figure collaboration

It's been some time since we first announced HERE the powerhouse collaboration between Round 5 and MAD... and honestly, I was getting kinda concerned (not really, hahaha). Well the reason for the temporay silence is because they have been strategically planning their next move... and here we go! Bruce Lee’s Temple of Kung Fu gets some official poster treatment featuring a selection of the 28 characters that will hit shelves this summer.

So this is an official teaser that shows off the good characters (left) and the bad ones (right)... and how cool is that loose illustrative style. We also have another treat for all of you... a peek at the box art for this series that houses the blind box assortments of the 3-inch figures in the Bruce Lee Temple of Kung Fu platform. Each box will contain standard figures as well as hyper-limited variants... and I personally can't wait to get some of these in hand! More very soon!

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