Peter Kato plans to Smash!!! it up in preparation for Avengers!

Peter Kato is a self-acknowledged nerd — or, as he puts it, a "big nerd" — who is eagerly anticipating the release of the brand new Avengers film this weekend. To celebrate, he's decided to release a Smash!!! series, inspired by The Hulk. Above, on the right, is the Smash Turtle Tetsujin, a gamma irradiated version of his classic resin sculpt. Limited to only 8 pieces, you wouldn't like these guys when they get angry… but if you're willing to risk it, then they'll only set you back $20 each. And what fun is having a Hulk themed figure without some soldiers to hunt him? So Kato is also releasing Gamma Shouldiers resin mini-figures, based on the Shock-Shouldiers design… Shown above on the left, these crafty troopers will hunt your Smash Turtle Tetsujin without mercy, or — at least — they will if you're lucky enough to snag one: because while they are also limited to only 8 pieces, the price point is only $5 each! Plus there will be some sweet buttons in this theme for only a buck. The Smash!!! series drops in Kato's web shop tomorrow, May 3rd, at approximately 5PM PST.

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