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Menace Inc. Studios's custom H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Munny!

Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios has created this 4-inch-tall "Lil' Cthulhu" custom Munny for the upcoming "Friendly Monsters Show" at Smallwall Gallery. There's no doubt that the sculpting is solid, with the ropey protuberances, tentacles, and barnacles all looking spot on, and the paint job matches perfectly. The fishy bug eyes are superb, probably the highlight of the custom for me. The only point of contention I feel the need to mention is the naming: this is closer to the typical Deep One design to anything resembling Cthulhu, whose trademark facial feature is a squid-like head which is completely absent here.

The "Friendly Monsters Show" opens on May 31st at the Smallwall Gallery, 18 West 1st Ave., Lexington, NC 27292.

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