Jon-Paul Kaiser’s 5" Captain Sturnbrau "Deep Blue Sea" Edition from Toy2R... looks AWESOME!!!!

It looks like Jon-Paul Kaiser and Toy2R are not yet done with the awesome Captain Sturnbrau figure as they just announced a brand new version... and this ghostly “Deep Blue Sea” variant is looking really nice!
"As the tide rolls in, it brings a warning from the sea… the Captain is not gone, but waiting. Deep in the water the peg-legged pirate waits to set sail once again on the Whispering Corsair along with his crew of undead shipmates."
This clear blue figure will be limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and will be up for grabs in June... that being said, this edition will wave in the arrival of more mysterious JPK creations to come… so don’t miss out on this limited release. No word on a price just yet, but I am sure it will be below $40 a piece.

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