Rad "Cactus Rocker" vinyl figures from Tokidoki

Hey all you Tokidoki fans... shoot, hey all you fans who like rad looking vinyl figures... Tokidoki is thrilled to reveal their latest star in the Cactus Friends family: Cactus Rocker. This duo of 'Red' and 'Blue', set to drop in June, measure 6” tall, and will retail for $24.95 for Cactus Rocker Red, and $39.95 for the Tokidoki exclusive Blue. The detail on this figure is really dope, and I just love all the small intricacies... oh, and how about that guitar!?!?! One thing that is really appealing is that price tag... $25 for a 6" tall figure with all kinds of attitude... where do I sign up?!?! Look for the 'Red' version in designer toy stores worldwide, and keep those eyes peeled for the 'Blue' as it will only be available at Tokidoki retail stores, Tokidoki.it, and Tokidoki special events. Rock-N-Roll!!!!!

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