Sekure D's forces of good versus Don P's legions of evil!

The forces of good are amassed atop a hill, staring down at the legions of evil; a battle cry goes forth, both hordes running towards the other, muscles rippling, weapons drawn, surely this is a battle to the death with the future of the universe hanging in the balance. An episode of Masters Of The Universe? Nope. G.I. Joe? Naw. Transformers? No, no, no… this is a battle between customizers.

Helmed by Sekure D and Don P, this is the "Battle of the Mascots." Dedicated to using nothing but 3" Kidrobot Mascots as their platform, sides were picked: Representing the good, under the leadership of Sekure D, are: Hugh Rose, AlexBreak, Fuller, and MatCanDraw. Influenced by all that is wrong, held in the sway of their dictator Don P, the legions of evil are: Commandate Dante Herrera, Nikejerk, JFury, and JC Rivera.

Each customizer will create four regular and one chase custom, for a grand total of 50 blind boxed pieces in the series. Once released — tentatively in May — there will be an online poll (at their dedicated website) where fans can vote on which side wins based on the finished customs. Now prepare to pick sides…

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