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Alarment's custom "Taint" Androids are slick & sexual!

Alarment has crafted something amazing here: look carefully at the sculpting and paint work, from the distressed medieval-style armor covering the Android's body to the more organic & risque looking heads. Simply entitled "Taint 1" & "Taint 2," I love the contrast between the hard shell and the soft interior… and let's face it, the biological appearing component has rather — let's say — sexual overtones. Such amazing craftsmanship mixed with a spot-on idea, it's no wonder that these were purchased before completion by a collector… even though they were intended to drop in Alarment's shop to celebrate his birthday this month; yes, it's his birthday! And he's giving you a gift: buy anything in his online shop and use the discount code bday15 to receive 15% off your order until the end of April! You can even have him customize an Android just for you…

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