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Voltaire's piece for the Nathan Hamill x Toy Art Gallery "Bellicosity" custom show!

If you're like me, when you hear the name Voltaire you think of that long dead French white guy; and, simultaneously, of the playfully humorous dark folk, gothic cabaret musician. Focusing on the latter, that description is a shame… Aurelio Voltaire is more akin to a neo-Victorian 'Renaissance Man,' a polymath with a stylish jester's cap on. Aside from his music, Voltaire has written & drawn several comic series as well as directed commercials & even shorts, but this being SpankyStokes we more concerned with his custom toy career. And oh yes, he has one.
The above pictured teaser image is of Voltaire's "Necrosian Mantis Ray" custom Bellicose Bunny, for Nathan Hamill's rapidly approaching "Bellicosity" show at the Toy Art Gallery. It appears as though Voltaire went more steampunk with his design, giving everything a wonderful metal hue. The intricately patterned device affixed to the back of the carrot is completely reminiscent of classic sci-fi spaceships, which were more concerned with looking amazing than making scientific sense. And his bunny appears to have a coat of arms strapped to it… is that a unicorn with the letter 'V' branded into it? Lovely. Even the little skull & crossbones in the porthole window is perfect, implying that this might be a space pirate vessel. To see the full thing, make sure you get to:

The artists listed on the flyer are: A Little Stranger, Ardabus Rubber, Ayleen Gaspar, Mikie Graham of Blamo!, Bob Conge aka Plaseebo, Brandon Griffith, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Cris Rose, D-Lux, George Gaspar, Gris Grimly, J★RYU, Jeremiah Ketner, Jermaine Rogers, JESTER, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Mayhem, Julie B., Julie West, KMNDZ, Lash, Leecifer, Luke Chueh, Martin Hsu, Miss Mindy, Nebulon5, Okedoki, OsiRisORion, Peap, Ragnar, Rohby, Rsin, Scott Tolleson, John "Spanky" Stokes, Steve Talkowski, Southerndrawl, TaskOne, Todd Robertson, Tomi Monstre, Touma, Toybot Studios, and valleyDweller. Though not listed on the flyer, we've heard that Chauskoskis, Shojono Tomo, and Voltaire will be in the show as well.

"Bellicosity: The Bellicose Bunny Group Custom Show" will open on March 23rd and run through April 6th at the Toy Art Gallery (TAG), 7571 Melrose Ave. (corner of Melrose & Curson) Los Angeles, CA, 90046.

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