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P.S.A. from Foo Dog regarding their 'MEGA' figure!

It has been some time since we have heard from artist Mo Abedin and his Dubai based company 'Foo Dog', but most recently he has been on a quest to clarify a few things about his "MEGA" DIY figure... and most of all kills the misconception that is a "Munny" rip-off. I will let their words speak for themselves as they go on to tell us "We posted the comparison image up because we kept on getting confused for the Munny by Kidrobot or even worse, being compared to a business that creates rip off versions of the Munny when we are clearly not. So we decided that it was high time for us to post a comparison image of MEGA and Munny standing side by side to finally kill this misconception. We've had this monkey on our back for the past year and a half and had finally had enough of it. A lot of the people overseas including bloggers in the toy world based their judgements solely on photos of MEGA and had never really even held the MEGA in their own hands."

"What we would normally do when we get such inquiries is to send the comparison image to that particular person and that pretty much kills that thought right away. Don't get us wrong, we love the Munny by Kidrobot too and have a lot of respect for them for their contribution to the designer toy world and hold them in very high regards. The bottom line is that we love and believe in what we do and that is collaborating with artists and spreading the designer toy love in our part of the world through MEGA and future versions of MEGA still yet to come." So there you have it, and although it has similar humanoid characteristics, one can draw the conclusion that the figures are two separate entities.

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