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Huck Gee's new custom "General Shirokuri" Mega Munny samurai!

Huck Gee has been busy taunting his faithful on Twitter; no, seriously, he can't just post tons of pictures of a new custom and just not tell us what it is for. I call no fair; and if I have to suffer with seeing it and not knowing, then so do you. Yea, I'm sure you'll forgive me. It is obviously a new version of General Shirokuri, the custom munny that Gee released in an edition of 10 last year. Based on the surrounding items, this certainly appears to be a 20" Mega Munny. And — we're told — that the blade on the sword is real metal, much like he did with the blades on the "Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk" recently.

I love the Foomi-esqe hair whips Gee gives this design on the top of his head and his ears. The paint is all immaculate and the accessories out-of-this-world, but these are rather common traits for Gee customs. So what is this for? Could it be the next limited custom release by Gee? Or part of The Huck Gee Project? Or something for display in Kidrobot (or elsewhere)? We need to know! Please tell us!
*** UPDATE *** Huck informed us through Twitter that this custom it on its way to Tokyo, Japan. We don't know who (or what) the lucky destination is, but we'll assume that it's some very thankful collector.

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