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Shez's "Home Sweet Home" Huck Gee inspired custom Munny!

The old adage "Home Sweet Home" is as true in any language as it is in English; there will always be a feeling of safety associated with your 'home,' whether that's the place you grew up or the one you chose to settle down in. And birds, being nesting creatures, also acknowledge this truth; the dwelling they painstakingly made out of twigs and plants might not be where they'll dwell forever, but they treasure it in the now. And it seems the up-and-coming customizer Shez has embraced all the above for his newest piece.

This customized 7" munny recalls the works of Amanda Visell, carefully turning the vinyl body into something resembling actual wood. But Shez cites Huck Gee as the true inspiration for this piece, or rather — more specifically — the little bird that sits on the head of Samurai Hicks (a figure from the Gold Life Dunny series). Shez took the head of the munny, flipped it around, and sculpted it into the wonderful bird design you see above.

The paint job looks fantastic, even though Shez commonly uses a paint brush which can lead to streaks when dry — but if that happened here, it merely added to the depth and character of the bird. The simple nest collar he constructed is inspired in its simplicity, as are the two tree branch accessories the figure holds. But that "Home Sweet Home" sign on the back is the best part, hanging on a nail protruding on the munny's back, the sign is removable. The sharp eyed viewer might also note the "M+B" in a heart carved into the leg, a "tag" that most can certainly relate to; but, if I recall correctly, M & B are the initials of Shez and his wife… a loving dedication, forever expressed on this wonderful piece.

While we don't know if this custom munny has a home yet, we suggest interested parties contact Shez through his Facebook or Twitter accounts. Even if this is no longer available, this creative talent does accept commissions.

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