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Free Goodie Friday 03/30/12 on SpankyStokes.com - Win our exclusive "Obsidian" Ozomahtli!!!

It's Friday... and what's better than a regular ol' Friday... a FREE GOODIE FRIDAY and this week we are trying to help our friends out over at La Muerta! We held a contest last Tuesday to help them make it to the 3rd round of battle over on Tee Madness... well they made it, in fact, they battled all the way to the finals, and they are up against a fierce opponent... and that is where YOU all come in! We need your votes, and in return we are giving away a very special prize... in fact we have yet to giveaway one of our own "Obsidian" Ozomahtli figures (for sale HERE), but what better time than now! Wanna know how to win this awesome figure designed by Jesse Hernandez... well keep reading!

1. All you have to do is Go vote for La Muerta (MORTE) over HERE (takes one click, no registration needed... EASY). Then just spread this tweet: "I just voted for @_LaMuerta_ over on Tee Madness & entered @spankystokes giveaway... go http://bit.ly/1tOrAy and enter! #VoteMorte #SSMORT" (just copy and paste the above sentence... without the quotes of course).
That's it!!! Do it as many times as you want, get your friends, family, strangers involved… hell even let your ex get in this. That's it! You have entered the VOTE MORTE giveaway. This is the final round, the big cheese, the end game... and it ends at 5:30pm PST tomorrow... so hurry up and don't miss out. After the dust settles, we will be picking the a lucky winner at random! Time to make it a brawl... and please lets show La Muerta what the vinyl community is all about!

Phewwwww, that was a battle and after all the dust settled... La Muerta ended up loosing by just 11 votes :-( but boy did they go down swinging! I would like to personally thank all of you for putting up with the constant badgering of "VOTE NOW" tweets and posts... and all that actually paid off for one of you because we just randomly picked a winner for that sweet Ozomahtli above and that lucky person is Bryan aka @Cruches24... so congrats man! We will see if La Muerta wants to be a contender next year... and if that's the case we will come out the gate, guns blazing and take the title... that's for damn sure!!!! Thanks again folks!!!!

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