What's new with THARP... a ton of stuff, that's what!

So we just got a HUGE update from Jason aka THARP, who has been keeping himself super busy... not only with custom vinyl, but with a few other projects as well... so without further ado, away we go! First up is his custom "Boom Boom Bunny" Labbit, which by the way is the first Labbit he has ever customized! THARP tells us that this "Was a great project with A LOT of space!! The nice thing about this was the owner let me do what ever. Once colors were picked it was fun filling up the space with characters. My favorite part to do was the ears. I love how they turned out. Cool to see the multi-character style translate to a larger piece. Look forward to doing more projects like this." I am too!

Next up is a very interesting project titled "Sir Bentley" where THARP was asked to paint a valve cover for a car. According to THARP, Sir Bentley (named after the owner) is the "fashion" valve cover for a Honda race car. It will serve as a ornament to show off the engine after the race. He goes on to say that "What made this project a lot of fun was in both doing something new and I'm pretty sure there won't be many valve covers like this." I think he is right on that... and how cool did these turn out!?!?!

Last but not least is a new project he is calling "Big T"... which by the way is just that... a BIG T! Is it a "T" or is it a club? You make the call. THARP tells us that there is not much of a story behind this other than that he wanted a "T" for his studio... rad! He is also heading out to Vegas next week to take part in the MAGIC tradeshow for Ohiya. During the show he will be painting daily from 11-1 in the VIP area. He will be filming this and sharing as well, and THARP will also have a fun 6 piece project to soon go up for sale on his site HERE... tons going on for sure!

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