Toy Art Gallery is proud to present: “Paulyvinyl State of Mind” a solo show from Paul Kaiju

If you have not seen how crazy the kaiju crowd can get when it comes to toys... prepare yourself for the onslaught of crazy kaiju kids as Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “Paulyvinyl State of Mind” by the legendary Paul Kaiju! Paul’s work needs no introduction; as a top-notch painter, sculptor, and toy designer he has taken the toy world by storm with his extremely original designs that are influenced by everything from Japanese Kaiju to 60’s Sci-Fi to cheap squeaky toys. Be it Japanese soft vinyl or hand-casted resin, Paul’s creations are truly unique and exquisitely crafted. He now brings this expertise to his first solo show at Toy Art Gallery with a multitude of his various characters in one-offs and editions in vinyl and resin, along with some BIG surprises!

Speaking of BIG surprises... we did some scouring of the interwebs and found some pretty interesting pictures, and from the looks of it TAG produced Paul's rad "Boss Carrion" figure in a much larger form... just look at that crate and the teaser with the smaller boss standing on the head of that massive black beast!!! This is not confirmed, so it's only speculation at this point, but knowing TAG's track record... this would not be too shocking! “PAULYVINYL” is a limited engagement and opens Saturday, March 3rd and runs through March 18th. There will be an opening reception from 7pm-11pm March 3rd... oh and if you plan on making purchases, Paul's work is in such high demand, TAG will start handing out tickets starting at 12 NOON on Saturday March 3rd just to get the chance to buy an item... crazy limited! So if you want something, get there early!

TAG | Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90046 U.S.

Source [TAG Press]

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