Sucklord's Outer Spacemen tribute for the Futuretro show

The Four Horsemen are presenting "Futuretro: 45 Years of the Outer Spacemen" at ToyTokyo Underground in NYC, a show dedicated to the classic action figure line. To celebrate, original Outer Space Men creator Mel Birnkrant has revamped the figures which will be issued as an extremely limited edition set — available at the Gallery for $125. Several top name artists are also creating tribute pieces, such as Work Of Art winner Kymia Nawabi (shown below) and fan-favorite The Sucklord, who customized six figures on six paintings (shown above).

"Futuretro" opens on February 10th and runs through February 15th at ToyTokyo Underground, 91 Second Ave. Lower Level, New York, NY 10003. http://theshowroomnyc.com/

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