ServeEm & Jon Walsh's Blind Custom Munny Trade

Last year, artists ServeEm and Jon Walsh made a pact to create a custom Munny for the other & do a blind trade of the results. ServeEm's piece, shown above, is entitled the "Gremlifly" because it is part Gremlin and part butterfly. I think we can all agree that the paint and sculpts on this are absolutely outstanding; makes me really want to track down more of his work on the KidRobot boards, which he haunts under the username ServeEm.

Jon Walsh isn't a slouch either, as you can see below. His custom, "The Incredible," is like a bio-mechanoid Hulk nightmare. Solid sculpting and amazing brush work making the metal look fatigued. The inconsistent green of his skin does throw me off a bit, but I will certainly admit that it provides some tonality to the overall affect. Walsh can be contacted about customs at jonwalshcustoms [at] gmail [dot] com.

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