*RECAP* "Year of The Dragon" group art show @ Dragatomi 02/11/2012

On a whim, I loaded up my truck with all the necessities (sleeping bag, clothes, Uncle Dave) and took off from San Diego to surprise all of my friends up in Sacramento for the opening of Dragatomi's "Year of The Dragon" group art show! Even though the show was in California, we had some really cold weather come through, but that did not stop the fans from coming out to see all the spectacular pieces in the show which featured works by: Carson Catlin, DrilOne, Daniel Fleres, Gatchabert, KingQuan, Jeremiah Ketner, Chris Ryniak, John"Spanky"Stokes, Jay222, Leecifer, Jackie Gallagher, Podgy Panda, Helena Garcia, Betso, Chauskoskis, LilJapan, Skinner, Jared Konopitski, Philip Lumbang, Ritzy Periwinkle, J★RYU and Valleydweller. Oh, and the best part is... a ton of said artist above actually came out to the show... so it made for an amazing evening!

The show itself was an open platform show, meaning all the artists involved were able to use anything they wanted... sculpture, custom vinyl, resin, 2D work, mashup's, but they had to keep one thing in mind when creating their artwork... they had to make sure it kept to the "Dragon" theme... making for an interesting, diverse show, and as you can see from the above pictures there were some awesome pieces... and one of the best parts about the show was seeing some of those little 'red dots' show up, indicating sales! There were some good times had, and what a great turnout. All the unsold pieces will be up for grabs HERE very soon, and if you are in or around the area, swing by the gallery as this show will be on display until March 3rd, 2012. Hit the jump for more photos!

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