"Purple People Eater Stroll" custom by Zombiemonkie

Created from one of my own artist edition pink OMFG mini figures, this "Purple People Eater Stroll" created by Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie, is chocked full of detail for such a tiny figure. Standing at just under 2" tall, Mikie's custom comes with its own display base that makes the mini figures appear to be flying. Mikie says "Sculpting and painting at this size was a major challenge but it was fun to work on such a small figure... it felt so easy and noncommittal, and I'm very happy with the results!" While this figure is not for sale, Mikie is always available for commissions. If interested you can contact him through his website HERE and while your there make sure to sign up for Mikie's monthly newsletter. Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE this custom... great work man!!!

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