Monster Kolor might already be the Envy of everyone… but now they're Retro too!

If you're into customizing vinyl (or just plain ol' making art with spray), then you know of Monster Kolor; they are, after all, the gold standard all other sprays are held up to. Hot on the heels of their brilliant artist series paints, Monster Kolor unleash even more prismatic glory into the universe. Those 70's Kolors is a collection of retro colors inspired by none other than The Mystery Machine van from Scooby-Doo. Enclosed you'll find: OJ, an ol' school metallic orange with a great micro shimmer; Tiki Teal, a really solid bluish teal; and Go-Go, a completely pure green taken straight outta any 70's show.

But that's not all! Monster Kolor is also starting a series of paints inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins and — first up — is Envy (as in Green With…). This kit has: Gator, a powerfully bright green; Presidential, a bluish-green which is light & bright; and Sublimed, a metallic lime green with gold pearl infused in it (which means it will seriously shimmer). Both kits are available now, so get your spray on!

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