Matt JOnes x Niels de Jong's "SOLE with Personali’Tea" drops tonight?!?

Last year — for Matt JOnes's birthday — Lunartik Studio partner Niels de Jong created a custom "Lunartik in a SOLE" (pic HERE), which was a mash-up of JOnes's "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea" and de Jong's "SOLE" platforms. Evidently JOnes really liked the piece, since the duo have been working on a limited run to sell through the Lunartik web shop. The above teaser pic is of an actual piece from this "SOLE with Personali'Tea" series, which is limited to 16 signed & numbered blind boxes… 15 of which will contain the unique figures and the final chase being a custom made by Matt JOnes. They go on sale tonight at 9PM GMT exclusively at the Lunartik web shop and will cost you £65 (approx. $105) each.

***UPDATE*** Matt JOnes has posted an image for the release now (shown below) and the proper name appears to be "Lunartik in a SOLE" as opposed to the name we listed above… Matt JOnes also calls this "Series 1," which certainly implies that future sets will follow. He also does note that "there’s 15 of them for sale!" while de Jong states that there are "15 unique pieces + 1 guest custom made by Matt JOnes" — which is where we got our 16 blind boxed figure count. Perhaps there are 15 for sale and the custom is a golden ticket item…

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