MyRoyalEgo x Welkid - "Pandeer" resin figure

When you go and create a figure, it's important for it to stand apart from all the rest of the stuff out there... that being said, the "PANDEER" designed by Welkid and produced by MyRoyalEgo does just that! Limited to just 20 pieces, this hybrid panda/deer stands 9" tall and is created out of 100% resin! Something about this figure really does it for me... in all honesty it's kinda creepy, how gangly the limbs are on this humanoid figure, it's very alien like indeed, but it is really unique and super well designed! The figurine comes packed in a custom foam lined box and is priced at $160 - which included shipping - so if you are interested in snaggin this up, drop MyRoyalEgo an email via contact@myroyalego.com enquiries.

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