Wet-Suit Maria is GLOWING!

"Wet-Suit Maria" is back and she is in GLOWING vinyl form! Erick Scarecrow and DKE Toys has pulled out all of the stops on this one and let me say I am impressed! This figure is Limited Edition of 50, and stands at 6" tall. "Wet-Suit Maria" Glow in the Dark Edition will be sold in a window boxed blister tray and will definitely sell out FAST. One thing that I like about all of the editions of this figure is that she appears to defy gravity by just standing on one leg, but balances perfectly. "Wet-Suit Maria" Glow in the Dark Edition will have a suggested retail price of $45 and can be purchased by just shooting DKE Toys an email HERE or ask your local store to order one for you!

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