D3N!@L x 1xRUN's "I Was Here" original graffiti paintings!

Imagine you're a street artist, heading out under the cover of darkness to decorate barren walls with your graffiti voice. After pain-stakingly working on one piece, you head home — tired — to finally sleep. Unable to slumber, too excited to review your masterwork in the light of day, you return to the scene of last night's "crime" only to discover that your art has already been buffed over, leaving a stark white wall. If you actually are a graffiti artist, this situation is not hard to imagine… it happens quite regularly.

Canadian street artist D3N!@L — alternately called DENIAL — knows this feeling well and it is the inspiration behind his "I Was Here" original painting series. DENIAL, in association with 1xRUN, has created 50 copies of this piece on 12" x 12" wood panels, using spray paint, acrylics, gesso, and urethane to craft his message. And, of course, each piece is signed on the reverse.

I personally love that 1xRUN is doing more and more with street artists and original pieces, so please help encourage them to continue the trend… DENIAL's "I Was Here" can be purchased HERE for a mere $75; very cheap, considering it is original art.

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