Custom Qees… by the biggest names you might not know

If you're into designer toys, then you surely know of Emilio Gracia… or, at least, his Jumping Brain platform. And maybe you know Quim Tarrida, who does sculptures that look like toys (usually wearing Mickey Mouse hats). But do you know graffiti artist Boris Hoppek? Or Manuel Ocampo, who does political commentaries in a Baroque style? Or (Javier) Mariscal, the designer known for his underground comix styled textiles? Or Japanese anime meets Chinese painting techniques artist Judas Arrieta? How about the collective called Crajes, who typically mix bloody horror movie grotesqueries with soft pastel tonality? Or the pop surrealist Sergio Mora? Or the quirky sculptor Oliver Sanchez? Well, become acquainted with them… for they are some of the 100 top name artists and designers who have each customized one 8" Bear Qee to be sold at this year's Swab Art Fair in Barcelona, Spain. The project is called Swab Toy's by FLS and it is a fundraiser for the Lluita Contra la Sida Foundation Fighting AIDS charity.

Top (L-R): Crajes, Manuel Ocampo, Sergio Mora,
Oliver Sanchez, and Emilio Gracia.
Bottom (L-R): Quim Tarrida, Judas Arrieta, Mariscal,
and Boris Hoppek.

Almost all of the artists involved aren't typically involved with the designer toy scene, so this will provide some rather unique customs to the collections of the lucky high bidders. The 100 Qees made for this project will be sold online at the Swab Barcelona website (http://swab.es/) sometime during (or after) the fair, May 23rd-26th.

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