Ashley Wood's Popbot returns in five forms from 3A

Who doesn't adore Ashley Wood's Popbot, the figure line based on his 2002 comic series about a rock star kitty cat and a robot bodyguard? Just released (as in available for preorder now) is a sweet box set of Popbot goodness… The exclusive online Action Portable Popbot 4-way Set will cost you $180, but you get four robotic forms of your favorite machine (one of which, the Two-Hand Gunslinger Popbot, is exclusive) and each box also contains a 1/12th scale Kitty. Like all the 3A 1/12th scale Popbots, these are about 7.5" tall and detailed beyond human comprehension.

But if the box set is just too much Popbot for you to handle, three of the designs are being sold separately (at $55 each): Popbot, Badbot, and Sangreal. And they still come packaged with the 1/12th scale Kitty. All of these Popbot forms are open editions, but may be pulled from the store at any time without notice; so, in other words, order now if you want 'em. As a special treat, 3AA Club Members are also being offered the Whisper Ghost Popbot — a glow-in-the-dark version that is packaged just like the other Action Portable figures. Limited to club members only, sorry everyone else. All Action Portable Popbots are expected to ship in May.

As we all know, 3A always something in the pipeline… and it appears the current news is a line of 1/6th scale Action Kartel figures, reimagining classic forms in the different size as well as releasing some fresh designs as well. Oh, and that pesky Halo licensed 1/6th line from 3A should be launching shortly.

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