The Red Panda Clan Are Ready To Fight...

Adam Greeley is at it again with the release of his amazing custom Trikky set titled "The Red Panda Clan." This set features the head of the Clan named Red Ren along with his two unnamed Apprentices. One unique feature of this set is the only individuals who will get to see the face behind the Apprentices resin mask will be those who buy them. (I couldn't even get a peak.) Here is a little information on The Red Panda Clan back story. "In the lush bamboo forests of Asia reside the Red Panda Clan. The Clan protects and manage the famous bamboo trees with golden leaves. They are known for their deftly skill with a bamboo staff and will protect their clan and the bamboo forests with their lives." I will say these customs look amazingly painted and such smooth and elegant detailing. Very well done Mr. Greeley. Master Red Ren and his Apprentices are ready to help protect you and your home NOW and are available for $85 each HERE.

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