*RECAP* MARKA27's “Neo Indigenous” solo show

Last Thursday, January 12th, 2012 marked the opening of Marka27's solo show at TT-Underground NYC! The opening was filled with N.Y art and toy connoisseurs as well as some of New Yorks talent. The Sucklord, Adrew Bell, Lou Pimentel, Monk, Mike Mendez, and many others were in attendance. The show featured the latest work from Marka27 and also with a special surprise, The 5.5" Black Buddha minigod speaker/designer toy was made available to the public... an awesome piece!

The show itself looked amazing and Marka did a seriously fantastic job on all of these pieces! If you are in or around the NY area, be sure to sing by the TT-Underground Gallery to see all this work in person as it is up until January 28th. Oh, and most importantly to note, there is still some original pieces and prints available... and if you are interested on purchasing artwork contact Ken info@tt-underground.com!

Toy Tokyo
New Underground Gallery
91 2nd Avenue, Lower Level
East Village of Manhattan

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