OMFG! Series 1... shipping out soon!!!!!

Hey all you OMFG! fans... it's time to celebrate, and for good reason!!!!!! After the long boat ride and a customs visit, the figures from Series 1 are finally here... and look at how magical it is!!!! Now, if you ordered these through the Kickstarter page, they are being packed up as I type this and will ship out in waves during the next few weeks, and as for the store exclusive colorways... the one in that top picture... you can snag them up via their respective sites which include:

Super exciting!!!!! There is also an artist colorway... which is not revealed yet, and will be available via each designer's webstore! In other news, if you love this project and want to get involved with Series 2... you can join the forum HERE and discuss the figures and post possible designs for the next series... RAD!!!

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