OhNo!Arcade?!? Super Button Mashers transforms OhNo!Doom Gallery

It seems there is nothing hotter right now than classic video game artwork; Gallery1988 Melrose is about to open "Multiplayer x2: Posters Inspired by Classic Video Games," Olly Moss recently unveiled a new print for Super Mario Bros. that he created, and OhNo!Doom Gallery is gearing up for their "Super Button Mashers" event in Chicago, IL. Curated by Mr. Max Bare, it is this latter listing is perhaps the most interesting, as the gallery is transforming itself into OhNo!Arcade in time for the February 11th opening and will include an interactive game by Jake Elliott and 8-bit chip tunes from Saskrotch and Kkrusty. But, of course, it's the artwork that really matters and they soar on this front too… just check out some samples:

Pictured to the left, an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Galaxxor figure based on Gutsman from the MegaMan games. Hand-crafted, of course, by Ben Spencer — he of Galaxxor fame. To the right, a pair of sweet Bubble Bobble plushes by Deadly Sweet / Michelle Coffee.

On the left, a cluster of Q-Bert customs crafted by Squirrel Momma (of The Plush Team), and pictured to the right, an eerie Super Mario Bros. print by Isaac Bidwell... just a few pieces of what you can come to expect from this great show.

The above artists will be joined by: Aya Kakeda, Alex Willan, Blütt, Brandon Garrison, Brain Killer, Brian Stuhr, Brian Walline, Brianne Drouhard, CHema Skandal!, Cory Benhatzel, CZR PRZ, David Palumbo, David Rettker, Eric Broers (phoneticontrol), Glen Brogan, James Lui (Veggiesomething), Jason Castillo, Jenny Frison, Jeremiah Ketner, J.Shea, Joey D, Jordan Elise (Horrible Adorables), Lana Crooks, Leanna Butcher, Luisa Castellanos (Pocket Pals), Martin Hsu, Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toy), Matthew Ryan Sharp, Melissa Sue Stanley, Mike Budai, Mike Graves, Mr. Walters, Natalie Blue Bomb, Steph Laberis, Tyler Coey, Yosiell Lorenzo, Zoë Bare, The Plush Team and many more!

OhNo!Doom Gallery
1800 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

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