“Cover The Cap” Artist Proof FatCap's by Sket-One

Kidrobot's FatCap Series 3 has been out for almost a week now, and in my opinion, has some seriously fresh designs in it... one of which is the figure designed by SketOne, which is going to drop as an Artist Proof set by the end of the week! Titled “Cover The Cap”, this FatCap is just one of two of this particular design in this series and it features an homage to Sherwin-Williams as well as a chain link body pattern with a paint can spilling over the head of the figure. Sket tells us that the black-n-gold (case variant) was created for his love of the SAINTS football team, and the yellow-n-purple LAKER version (the more common version) was to celebrate his move out west to Los Angeles... RAD! As you can see from the above photo, Sket went all out for this release by creating a special paint-can case and it looks like there are some extra goodies thrown in as well! No word on a price, or an exact drop date, but all will be reveled shortly and a follow up post will come then! **UPDATE** these are now live right HERE for $125!

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