"Mr. AZ" custom 5" MAD*L by Kevin Gosselin

There are some artists out there that continually raise the bar when it comes to custom vinyl toys... and each time Kevin Gosselin grabs a piece of raw vinyl, he transforms it into a magnificent work of art! Case in point... his latest custom MAD*L titled "Mr. AZ"! Now upon first seeing this, you would think it was a 10" MAD*L... just by the amoount of detail and work put into it... but no... this is a 5" version, making the work THAT MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE! Kevin completed this as a private commission... for an obvious stoked fan out there... I mean, I can't get over how fantastic this is. Go ahead and click on the above photo to see the detail work in this... the smoldering fire place, the wood ladder, the cracked adobe bricks... and that little "Hopi" figure guarding the sacred place. All you aspiring artists and customizers out there take note... this figure is the complete package, the real deal, and Kevin shows no signs of stopping. Bravo my friend... keep killing it! For more photos and a complete background story on this figure, visit Kevin's site HERE!

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