Kenny Wong kicks off 2012 with a bang

Kenny Wong long time 1:6 artist and all around awesome toy designer just posted up what could very well be the toy of 2012. For those that may not recall many have been long awaiting the arrival of his 1:6 collaboration with ThreeA, Sea Monkey. The 1:6 version of this Leviathan stands 22 in tall, now for some this might be daunting to display and it looks as though Kenny and the ThreeA folks came up with a great solution put this puppy out in 1:12. No word just yet when this might happen or what will come of the 1:6 version (though we really want both to come out)nor about Snow Pea the 1:6 figure that Ashley Wood was designing to pilot the underwater vessel but our year has already gotten considerably brighter. This has been something we've long hoped for might happen to this great toy, after seeing the range of motion on the 1:12 APTk figures from ThreeA we had hoped that Sea Monkey might make it into this new scale. Kenny's Sea Monkey in 1:12 should stand 11 in. More info as we get it in so stay tuned.

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