Chinese New Year 2012 Android Mini Collectibles!

Seeing as today is the "official" start of Lunar New Year... what better way to celebrate than with the announcement of another LNY themed Android release!!! The success of last year's Chinese New Year edition "God of Wealth" figure (posted HERE), was the perfect indication that something special would happen this year as well... and in fact it has! Releasing in VERY limited quantities on the DeadZebra online shop HERE in sets of 3 featuring awesome the designs of Fortune (祿), Blessing (福) and Longevity (壽)... which by they way will be sold together in sets of 3 for ONLY $29! The first batch will be available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting Wednesday, January 25th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time. The second batch will go online Wednesday, January 25th at 11PM Eastern Standard Time. Keep track of those times folks... that is if you plan on trying to get these... they will go SUPER FAST!!!!

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