Fig-Lab presents: "Finger Five" series one... a set of 5 super-mini vinyl finger puppets!

Alright... first and foremost I have to clarify that this is not an ad for the top 5 best looking male models edition of GQ magazine, as much as you would like to think it is... it's not, but it is a brand new line of super-mini collectibles dubbed "FINGER FIVE"! This is a set of 5 Japanese vinyl one-piece finger puppets... AWESOME idea right?!?! Each one is created by toy icons PAUL KAIJU, SUCKLORD, SEAN of MONSTREHERO, ONELL DESIGN and LAMOUR SUPREME! This whole project looks awesome, and it's being produced by Don over at Fig-lab... so you know it's going to rock! This seriously brings me back to my younger days when you would go to b-day parties, get goodie bags, and have those crazy looking monster finger puppets adorn your finger tips... so great!

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