Play Imaginative's Trexi gets a new look!

If anyone knows me as a collector, you know that I like some pretty specific things when it comes to designer toys... and one of those things is the Trexi platform by Play Imaginative. Up until this past Sunday this figure has pretty much stayed the same size and shape of many years, and the flagship size in which we are all familar with, the 3" version, is about to go to the wayside... because they just announced a brans spankin 'New Edition' Trexi. This new figure is just a tad bit smaller, measuring in at 2.5"... it also features a re-vamped rotatable head, and articulated arms and legs... so you can make Trexi's look like they are running :-) It's been a long time coming for these, and I look forward to adding the new figure line to my collection!

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