What's new with Blamo Toys... a whole lot!!!!!

So let's talk Blamo, shall we... as not only do they have some exciting news to carry us to the end of the year, but they also have some REALLY EXCITING news that is happening the first week of January 2012, so lets dive right in! Blamo is stoked to announce that they will be having their biggest solo show yet, and it's their 2nd show at Los Angeles's Toy Art Gallery. Opening Saturday, January 7th at T.A.G.'s expansive new store front on Melrose Avenue, this show will offer Blamo fans a glance at new toys, exclusive colorways, one-of-a-kind oversized pieces, original art work by Spencer Hansen and Aleph Geddis, special Blamo clothing and more. This show is not to be missed... I know I am going to try my best to be there for this, and hopefully I will see you there!

Up next is a very familiar face... and it's also their Holiday exclusive, a jolly little gentleman, "Snowman Hug"! First spotted at SDCC 2011, this 3" resin figure created by Blamo Toys and customized for the holidays by Blamo's own Mikie Graham is a limited edition of 6 pieces, and is currently available for $35 HERE! Each Snowman hug is a one-of-a-kind custom that features splattered paint intended to replicate the tiny imperfections inherent in all snowmen. Each snowman hug comes with a hand sculpted carrot nose, coal buttons and a tiny pair of inset brass button eyes... a great look for this seriously cute figure!

They are also happy to release their newest knit onesie... the Monkey suit!! This hand-knit onesie comes in size XS-XL and features monkey ear's, thumb holes, and a wired tail that enables each monkey to twist and tweak his or her tail into any shape they desire. These crowd pleasing snuggly jumpsuits cost $225 and are currently available HERE.

Lastly, unless you have been living under a rock you know about the recent opening of Blamo Toy's 3rd annual custom toy show, "The Epic Adventures of Swampy McSwamperton." The results of these customs were as varied as the artists invited, and many of the customs have already sold, but there are still some one of a kind Swampy's for sale in their webstore HERE... which by the way would make for a fantastic holiday gift... just saying!

Source[Blamo Press]

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