Baby Tattoo presents - The Art of Sketch Theatre 'Volume 1'

So, have you been looking for the quintessential coffee table book, but have yet to really find that one... well look no further because the folks over at Baby Tattoo have teamed up with Sketch Theatre to release and awesomely massive, inspirational, and visually stunning hardcover 240 page book that features a ton of fantastic artists doing their thing! The Art of Sketch Theatre Volume 1 is a collection of sketches, finished work and insightful profiles by over 50 professional artists who have participated in the ongoing www.SketchTheatre.com project.

Featured artists include Brandi Milne, Charles Hu, Chet Zar, Chris Ryniak, Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Michael Hussar, Miss Mindy, Molly Crabapple, Munk One, Ron English, Shawn Barber, Steven Daily, Tara McPherson, The Chung, Travis Louie, and many others! The book itself is masterfully pieced together showcasing the artwork in amazing true to life color... making it a must have! It can be picked up directly via the ST site HERE for just $40, so go grab it now... you can thank me later!

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