Our "Obsidian" Ozomahtli is yours for the taking during GoldRun x Clutter Magazine's virtual scavenger hunt!!!!

Hey folks... have you been playing the mobile augmented reality platform scavenger hunt that the folks over at GoldRun x Clutter Magazine have put together?!?!? Well if the answer is no... then why not? As you have a chance to win tons of FREE vinyl, and for the next few weeks between 12/1 - 12/22 if you live in San Francisco, you have a chance to win our exclusive "Obsidian" Ozomahtli vinyl figure which was designed by Jesse Hernandez!

Oh, and since I am not too familiar with the bay area, I took a few cues from Jeremy Brautman... and the following are a few hints to get you in the right location. You can find the OZO in the The Mission neighborhood, his exact coordinates are reachable by public transportation, too. If you’re BARTing in from across the Bay, you’ll want to exit at 16th and Mission... where you are then in walking distance. Go get him! All you have to do is download the FREE application HERE, and follow the instructions. For more info, visit the official page HERE... and best of luck!

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