"The Host" & "Fukushu the Cursed Samurai Spirit" custom Squadt's by Josh "f+" Pearce

Wislon M. - uber Squadt collector - just passed along some seriously amazing pictures of the latest Squadt the he had commissions... and it was done by none other than Josh "f+" Pearce... and holy crap did it turn out amazing!!!! He titled it "The Host" using a Brandt Peters/Ferg trouble boys #45 Squadt. This is Wislon's second custom from Josh, the first was "Fukushu the Cursed Samurai Spirit" Squadt that is posted below... another stellar piece of work!

Josh describes this custom by telling us that the "idea was to turn the skull into it's own creature, a parasite possessing and controlling a lesser nobleman. The host is run by wires so you can move an pose the skeleton arms and tail in a variety of ways." Wilson goes on to tell us that when he first got in touch with Josh he told him to do whatever he wanted since he had not worked on a Squadt before... he came up with both of these ideas and Wilson dug them both... and the rest is history! Josh seriously slays everything he lays his hands on, and the two custom above are proof of just that! Keep those eyes peeled as Wilson has more Squadt's out there being customized :-)

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