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"Fly me to the Moon" custom by TaskOne

Alright!!! So what started out as a project nearly 3 years ago... and has traveled with him along all his various relocation's, TaskOne has finally finished up his massive 20" Mega Munny titled "Fly me to the Moon"!!! In concept this piece has win all over it, and after seeing it completed... well, let's just say Tak hit it right on the button! It's really great to see the use of materials in this piece, and I dig how he used a Dunny head as the "Spaceman" inside! Task tells us that the button on his chest lets you scroll through different RGB LED light patterns... and yes, it's illuminated from the inside... AWESOME!!!

Check out the video above... it shows off every angle of this piece. This custom also has a mount at the end of his hose so he can be suspended from wall, ceiling, floor or spaceship... Can you imagine a 20" custom hanging from your wall?!?!? Task is putting this piece up for sale via his online store HERE on New Year's Day along with a couple other new surprises that he's really stoked about.... but mum is the word on those til 2012!

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